Reliance new service JIO FIBER creates internet revolution in India | About Service | Plans & Pricing

Everyone in India agrees if we say JIO changed the internet history and provide a great internet revolution in India. But this revolution by Jio takes over to a very high level. Recently Jio provides a statement about its new service called Jio Fiber. So everyone has a question in mind, what is this service and technology or how it helps to create an internet revolution in India.

I am pretty sure after knowing about the service you, will definitely going to love it. On 42nd annual general meeting, The company chairman Mukesh Ambani announced their new Reliance Jio service that is Jio Fiber. By using this service peoples can get an internet speed from 100 Mbps to 1Gbps, that is a revolutionary step in India history ever. Let you know as the name tells of the service that is Jio Fiber, this service uses a fiber technology. Means the internet provided to the customers through optical fiber cables. As you know, this type of cables is highly capable of transferring data at a very high speed. Because In these cables we will make use of the glass and data is transforming in the form of light. As the data is transferring in the form of light so there is no data loss. But now a question arises why these cables are not used before. So the answer is, the optical fiber cables are not so easy to handle, the installation cost of optical fiber cables is very high and the maintenance cost also. Suppose if it breaks at any point accidentally, the cost reaches to very high. So no internet service providers use this technology yet. But the Reliance Jio takes a revolutionary step and going to implement the technology in India.

Only the high-speed benefit (i.e 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps) included in Jio Fiber service or anything more.

Rather than providing a high-speed internet it also implements the IoT Concept. So let you know what is the IoT concept in brief.
Internet of Thing:- As the name implies, Internet of things, this is a concept or system where we connect the daily life physical objects to the internet. Let us take an example of a smart home, As every device such as AC, TV, Lights, etc are connected to the internet using IoT and information of these devices are stored in the cloud. This is a computing concept.

So Jio Fiber uses an Internet of Things technology. Jio Fiber provides a TV, Set-top-box, and 4K-LED Television and also gives access to connect every smart device through the internet and is able to use over an app. However, this is not clear, who one able to avail of this service. However, we assume that users have to avail of expensive plans in order to get a 4K Hd television.

The prices of the plans still are not clear. But there are rumors that the minimum plan of Jio Fiber is 700 and the maximum one is 10000. Jio Fiber’s previous name is Jio Giga Fiber but after that, it changes to Jio Fiber.

The launch date of the JIO FIBER is 5-September-2019.

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