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Best Theme For WordPress

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Choosing the best theme for the WordPress website is very crucial for a successful online business.

This article covers all the tips and strategies that are recommended and important to follow for selecting the best theme for WordPress website. For every successful foundation, a strong base is always very important. Just like that WordPress Theme is the base for a successful online business. Sometimes we neglect these types of things while developing a WordPress website. But believe me by following these things you will definitely stand out from a crowd. If you will follow these little things, it will impact your website performance and I’m pretty sure that it will make your growth graph to the high level.

In addition, we will explain to you the following things also:

How To Choose Best Theme For WordPress Website

Are you going to developing a WordPress website and or having an idea of a WordPress website? One of the most important things is to be considered for a good website is Wise Selection of WordPress Theme. There are a huge number of WordPress themes in a market and Every category has hundreds of themes. So it’s up to you how to choose the best theme for WordPress. Selecting the correct theme for the website is very crucial for an effective and scalable website.

Among all of the hundreds and thousands of themes, how do you choose the best theme for WordPress website or how you narrow the process of choosing the right theme. Because each theme looks better than others. From the user’s view, we mostly look at the layout and design of the themes. Yes, these two things are also important but there are lots of other things that need to be considered serious. From the developer perspective, you should need to consider some important points like responsiveness, speed, features, size, and much more…

So we try to cover some important facts and points that need to be considered important for choosing the right and best theme for WordPress Website.

Step 1 Be Clear with your requirements:

Before deciding that which is the best theme for WordPress Website, It is must that you are clear with your requirements that in actual what you need and what features you want to get.

Best Theme For WordPress

Deciding a theme only on a looks basis is an extremely bad idea or selecting a theme that contains so many features is also a bad idea. So a lot of questions will arise on this statement “Selecting a theme that has many features is not a good idea”. So let’s expand the answer to this. Always keep in mind that select a theme that only fulfills your needs. You do not need the features that have no use for you. It will have a bad impact on your website. Because having a lot of features that have no use for you only makes your theme heavy and will surely have a bad impact on your website performance. And on the other side selecting a theme only on the basis of the looks that hardly fulfill your requirements is also not a good idea. Because In future you may need to install so many plugins for fulfilling your needs. So installing a number of plugins will definitely degrade a WordPress website performance.
Therefore, You always need to be clear with your requirements and then try to select the theme that perfectly accomplishes those particular requirements – no more, no less!

Step 2 Try to check whether the theme is much flexible for customizations or not?:
Best Theme For WordPress

Theme customizations also a very important point that needs to be considered for selecting the best theme for the WordPress website. It is obvious that not all the time you will get a theme that fulfills all your needs, so at some point, you need to customize a theme little bit. If your selected theme fulfills all your requirements then this point is not for you. But if it is not or you need some modifications either it is small or large, You need to check whether the theme is customizable or not. An effective theme made some prebuilt functions to do customizations. So you need to check the theme features and we recommend to check the support forum regarding these issues.

By checking the support forums you will able to know what are the common issues regarding the theme.

Step 3 Responsive is a must, it’s not optional ever:

Your selected theme needs to be responsive. WordPress Website Theme needs to be adjusted on all layouts, devices including Desktop, Mobile, Ipads.
According to some reports, it is noted that most of the traffic is coming from mobile devices and handheld devices. So having a responsive theme is very necessary.
There are also some other facts that force you to consider responsive themes. Google ranks websites at the top that are responsive and have a great user experience.
Most of the themes are responsive by default. But you need to check the advanced element likes slider, gallery, maps. Animated elements, navigation, etc.
For testing your website whether it is mobile-friendly or not, Go To This Link – Mobile-Friendly Website Test

Step 4 Layout Builder or Page Builder:
Best Theme For WordPress

Layout builder allows you to create a web page using drag and drop functionality. It also contains layout elements and many advanced elements like slider, gallery, testimonial slider and many more.

Try to select the themes that have their own layout builder rather than the third party builder. Like the Enfold theme have their own layout builder and is just amazing.
Do not trouble with this, If the theme has its own layout builder that’s very good or if it has a third party builder that also good. But the condition is that the layout builder must need to be best. As I noticed in my recent website experience that some page builder or layout builder adds inline CSS styles to the elements. That’s not a good strategy. If all the web page design CSS is inline then it will degrade your website performance.

Step 5 Support:
Best Theme For WordPress

It is important that the theme you select has good support. It is obvious that there are situations arise where we need support from professionals. So choosing a theme that has good support is a wise choice.

Step 6 Rating And Reviews:

Before purchasing a theme check the reviews and ratings of the theme. This is another very important point to check the theme quality. Explore all the positive and negative reviews and then come up with the final decision that whether the theme fits best for your website or not.

Step 7 Speed of the website:

Website speed is a very important fact that needs to be considered. For checking the website speed go to the theme demo and check the speed using Google Speed Insights Tool. Copy the demo URL, paste it in the Google Speed Insights Tool and then check the speed of the website.
Google also displays the website at the top that has high speed from its competitors.

How To Add a WordPress Theme

Step 1. After you logged in to WordPress, Go to Appearance on the left sidebar menu and then select Themes.
Step 2. Click on the ADD NEW button.
Step 3. There will be a number of free themes available, or you can also search for the theme.
Step 4. To Check the theme click on the preview button or once you are satisfied with the theme click on the Install Button
Step 5. All Done, Activate the theme and check

Note: If you have theme in zip format, then follow the following steps:

Step 1. After you logged in to WordPress, Go to Appearance on the left sidebar menu and then select Themes.
Step 2. Click on the ADD NEW button.
Step 3. Click on the upload theme button.
Step 4. Choose the ZIP file and click on install Button
Step 5. All Done, Activate the theme and check