Why To Choose Wordpress

Why To Choose WordPress For Your Website

Whenever we need a website, we have many questions in our minds. one of them is what platform we will use for the website development and if we are talking about WordPress, everyone has a question in mind that why to choose WordPress for your website. If you switching your website then it should be required that you should aware of the features of WordPress that what is in WordPress that makes it to use in your website. So let us know the basics of WordPress and its features. WordPress is a very powerful content management system.

The Content Management system is an application that will make you able to create and manage digital content. Once the website is developed it removes the barrier of changing or adding the content from the developer. It provides a user-friendly environment by which you are easily able to make edits. You are easily able to design and organize your content.

Reasons To Choose WordPress
  • WordPress is open source that is free to use.
  • Easy to use
  • Easily Customizable with the help of themes and plugins.
  • Make any type of website using themes
  • WordPress is SEO freindly
  • Implement any functionality with plugins
  • Secure Platform
  • Community Experts
  • Affordable Developers
  • Supports various media types

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Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Best Artificial Intelligence Algorithms For Web Development

Artificial Intelligence concept got much popularity in web development. Artificial Intelligence is a concept where we make machines intelligent. Nowadays we have many requirements that can only be possible with the help of AI. This is the generation of smarty frameworks. So rather than to design a program that abe to do only the task for which it is particularly designed. Make a system that can do a task or take the decisions according to the requirements smartly. The conventional programs do not have the ability to make decisions but this can easily be achieved in AI. Many Artificial Intelligence Algorithms help to make your framework smart.

Let us consider some of them.
  • Regression, Linear & Logistics
  • SVM Support Vector Machine
  • Naive Bayes
  • KNN
  • K-Means
  • Decison Tree
  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Fuzzy Logic.

Theses are all Artificial intelligence algorithms. By implementing any of these algorithms we are able to make our system intelligent. With the help of AI, we can achieve optimal solutions to our problems. These days we have the many tricky requirements, from the word tricky we want to say that the requirements that are not be implemented easily. Although if it implemented using conventional programming then it does not give efficient or reliable outputs. So for achieving optimal solutions to our problems, considering Artificial Intelligence algorithms is a great choice. Especially for the problems that need to make decisions and to provide results in every minute.

Let us consider the example of Artificial Intelligence that we use in Website Development. Such virtual agents, Virtual agents is a chatbot system on a website where you can communicate and get solutions for your problems. But here you cannot chat with human beings. You are chatting with a machine. So as we said Artificial Intelligence makes the machine intelligent. therefore with the help of AI algorithms, this will be possible and implemented in websites.

Good Website

Steps To Implement For a Good Website

Before developing a website at least it should require that you know what you are want to develop. When you are clear about your Idea, It should also important to implement your idea in some direction. The step by step implementation is very necessary. Sometimes we have an idea in mind and we are just starting to implement and hire some to implement those ideas. But this is not the precise manner to develop a website.

There are several mandatory steps that you must have to consider for good website development. Let us discuss some of the main points that are required to achieve a Reliable website. However, these steps are very basic and I also know you should already know them But not everyone aware of implementing these points although they know about it.

Requirement Gathering And Analysis:

When you are going to develop any website it is obvious that you are aware of your idea. But having an idea is not everything. You should have to know about all the requirements before the development. Knowing your all requirements and future requirements also at the initial stage of development. So that your developer should know you’re all the present and future requirements, so he/she able to code in such a way that these can be accomplished easily with affecting the performance of your site. I know with the time, requirements are changed but at least aware your developer about the basic present and future requirements.

Sometimes we did not explain the whole idea or requirements to our developer and giving them work in small tasks but this can decrease the performance of the website. I know every website development is done in tasks but the developer should know the combined task also. So he works in such a way that when we sun up all these small tasks we are able to achieve the desired output in a very efficient manner.

Content of the website Before Design:

As the name said ‘ Content of the website before design’, the content is very important before the development of the design. Design your website according to content. But does not add content according to Design. Yes, the design of the website is very important. But the user arrives at your website first focuses on the content that he looking for. So the content should always be written before the designing phase so that the designer will make it better to display your main information.

Designing: The next step is to give the shape your requirements and content to a user-friendly design. Don’t choose a design that looks very great. But choose a design that better implements your requirements and maintains a user flow with good looks. It is required that you should have a mock-up design before the implementation. Because developing a website before mockup design will lead to a bad quality website. the reason is that when you changing the requirements of the design. The CSS Code of the website increases and will lead to bad quality.

Implementation or Coding: The step begins where we code our website. Choose a language that better fit your requirements.

Testing: The last step in website development is testing. Test your website in each and every way.

Web Design

Things to have in a Good Web Design

Web design is a building block of any website. This is the thing that the user interacts first when he opens the website. As we know the first impression is the last impression. So our web design should be like that so it ables to catch the user’s attention. From the good web design, we just don’t mean about the looks of the website. But your website design is in such a way that so users can have better user experience with your website. So that they can interact with your website very easily and get the required information. The user engagement is very important for every website owner and web design plays a very important role to engage your users.

A Good Web Design Must Have The Following Things

  • A good structure to present information: A web design is in such a way that so the user can easily get the information that they want. Please do not overlook the website. Choose a design that clearly the content that you want to publish. A very well planned information architecture is required for good web design.
  • Responsive Web Design: Every website should design in a way that it would adapt to every screen device. Many website designs look over the top on desktop. But adjusting the design on Mobile and Ipad is very hard for the developer. So your web design in such a way that it can easily be adaptable for any screen.
  • Formatted Content: Content should be well formatted and user-friendly.
  • Typography: We consider typography a very important aspect of any web design. the looks and cleaning of the website directly depend on the typography. Choose a font that looks cleaner. So the user can easily read it.
  • Colors: Colors of the website also plays a very important role. Choose a color that looks clean. Choosing a light and dark combination is a good idea
  • Images: Choose relevant images only that explain your content. Don’t use the images above the required needs because it adds loads to your website.
  • Videos: Adding a video on a web page is very good. It helps to explain your idea better. But like images don’t overload videos on the web page it adds load to website.
  • Clean Code: Your code should be clean and precise.
  • Web Design is according to SEO Rules: Like including headings, subheadings, etc.
  • A proper navigation
Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

Artificial Intelligence in Web Development | AI Future of Web Development

Artificial Intelligence: AI is the branch of computer science that implements the ability of machines of doing things better than humans. It helps to create an intelligent machine that helps to work as human beings. These type of machines has the ability to think and learn. AI machines programmed in such a way that, it can able to handle requests and provides solutions although these are not programmed for this specific task. Even if you don’t know how to solve a problem but for this, you can train your machine in such a manner that with experience it can actually learn how to solve a specific problem.

Why use AI in Web Development

  • Artificial Intelligence implements self-learning algorithms
  • Better user experience with AI
  • Collecting and Knowing customer choices
  • Advanced search using AI, Voice Search
  • Virtual Assitance, Chatbots
  • Quality assurance more accurate using AI
  • Precise SEO using AI
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Auto-generated feedbacks and solutions
  • Recommendations, Like suggestions of products, articles etc.
  • Effective Promotion and Marketing
  • Online Security
  • Bugs Fixing
  • Website Scalability and Flexibility

Thus Artificial Intelligence is the future of Web development. For its great features, AI is powered on almost every website nowadays. By implementing AI in website the growth of the website improves very effectively. As mentioned above AI helps in almost every point such as Voice Search, Chatbots, User Experience, Requirement gathering, etc. So implementing an AI nowadays is a very smart choice.

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Reliance new service JIO FIBER creates internet revolution in India | About Service | Plans & Pricing

Everyone in India agrees if we say JIO changed the internet history and provide a great internet revolution in India. But this revolution by Jio takes over to a very high level. Recently Jio provides a statement about its new service called Jio Fiber. So everyone has a question in mind, what is this service and technology or how it helps to create an internet revolution in India.

I am pretty sure after knowing about the service you, will definitely going to love it. On 42nd annual general meeting, The company chairman Mukesh Ambani announced their new Reliance Jio service that is Jio Fiber. By using this service peoples can get an internet speed from 100 Mbps to 1Gbps, that is a revolutionary step in India history ever. Let you know as the name tells of the service that is Jio Fiber, this service uses a fiber technology. Means the internet provided to the customers through optical fiber cables. As you know, this type of cables is highly capable of transferring data at a very high speed. Because In these cables we will make use of the glass and data is transforming in the form of light. As the data is transferring in the form of light so there is no data loss. But now a question arises why these cables are not used before. So the answer is, the optical fiber cables are not so easy to handle, the installation cost of optical fiber cables is very high and the maintenance cost also. Suppose if it breaks at any point accidentally, the cost reaches to very high. So no internet service providers use this technology yet. But the Reliance Jio takes a revolutionary step and going to implement the technology in India.

Only the high-speed benefit (i.e 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps) included in Jio Fiber service or anything more.

Rather than providing a high-speed internet it also implements the IoT Concept. So let you know what is the IoT concept in brief.
Internet of Thing:- As the name implies, Internet of things, this is a concept or system where we connect the daily life physical objects to the internet. Let us take an example of a smart home, As every device such as AC, TV, Lights, etc are connected to the internet using IoT and information of these devices are stored in the cloud. This is a computing concept.

So Jio Fiber uses an Internet of Things technology. Jio Fiber provides a TV, Set-top-box, and 4K-LED Television and also gives access to connect every smart device through the internet and is able to use over an app. However, this is not clear, who one able to avail of this service. However, we assume that users have to avail of expensive plans in order to get a 4K Hd television.

The prices of the plans still are not clear. But there are rumors that the minimum plan of Jio Fiber is 700 and the maximum one is 10000. Jio Fiber’s previous name is Jio Giga Fiber but after that, it changes to Jio Fiber.

The launch date of the JIO FIBER is 5-September-2019.