Website Speed

Website Speed | Why we need a fast website

The speed of the website matters a lot. As the technologies advance and increase in internet speed. Everyone wants to load theirs in just a few seconds. But if the load time reached more then there is a great possibility of losing a user. Fast websites are also ranking higher on google. The websites that have fast loading time appear on top of the google page on the search page. In spite of it, there are numerous benefits of having a fast website. So if your website is slow means takes a lot of time to load then you have to strongly look into the website and trying to improve your website speed. Sometimes the website speeds increase by just following and taking care of certain points but sometimes it becomes hard. So From the start of the website several points are considered to be in mind for having a fast website.

Users visit websites that have less load time even if it is in milliseconds of difference with your competitor

Benefits of having a fast website:-

  • Less Load Time
  • High rank in google.
  • Engage more users
  • Reduces bounce rate
  • Great for mobile users, More mobile user experience
  • Stand out you from the crowd
  • High Productivity
  • Improves your Brand Image
  • Better Conversion Rates
  • Better user experience

Why your website speed is slow:-

  • Overload plugins in WordPress site
  • The large size of images
  • Inefficient Theme
  • Bad Coding
  • Bad database structure
  • Too many redirects
  • Extra images and content more than the efficient need, Overcrowded page
  • Numbers of CSS and JS Files
  • Un-needed animationss
  • Too many redirects
  • Inline CSS and JS
  • Unusesd CSS and JS

What to do to have a fast website:-

  • Enable Compression
  • Minify CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Reduce Redirects
  • Remove Render-Blocking JavaScript
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Server Response Time
  • Using a Content Distribution Network
  • Image Optimization

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Problem Solving

How to solve a problem – Think Like a Programmer

For every software engineer, it should require that he/she have problem-solving skills. Not only for software engineers but the persons who have their website must be aware of the problem-solving methods and techniques. In the development, it is obvious that at any phase of the development the problem will occur although the website completes its final stage and has gone through all testing. Sometimes there will be a situation when your website crash and have certain problems. So There to find a problem and for looking at its accurate and effective solution, It should be required that you are aware of the steps of problem-solving.
The software engineers think in a way that allows them to find an accurate and effective solution that fits best for the problem. Thinks like a developer is itself a creative thing. But learning happens naturally with training, time and experience. You can accelerate your learning by identifying and honing problem-solving skills So you can think like an experienced software engineer.

We all face problems, Having a problem is not bad, but not aware of how to solve a problem is itself a problem. Problems either it is big or small, you should have to know how to solve a problem efficiently.

For random problem solving, The general idea is:-

1. Try a solution.
2. If that doesn’t work, try another one.
3. If that doesn’t work, repeat step 2 until you luck out.

In General Software Development Problem can be divided into four steps:-

  • Identify The Problem
  • Gather Information
  • Iterate Potential Solutions.
  • Test Your Solution

Identify The Problem:-

First of all, you should have to know what is the problem exactly. Sometimes finding a problem is very easy. You should get an error message either it is a syntax error or something else. But this is not the case always, sometimes what is seen at the frontend, is something different at the backend. So ask some questions to yourself.

  • What am I trying to do?
  • What have I done already?
  • What do I think the program should be doing?
  • What is it actually doing?
  • Gather Information:-

    After you know what is the problem exactly. Now it’s a time to get some more information about it. Try to google and get some more information about it and try to find some relevant and co-releated solution.

    Iterate Potential Solutions:-

    Now it’s time to find the best possible solution among
    the all. Breakdown the solution into sevral parts and try to solve the problem. Like don’t just copy paste all the code. Find the exact code that solves the problem.

    Test Your Solution

    Now it’s time to test the solution.

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    Mobile App

    Benefits of having a mobile App for your business

    As technology advances day by day, There is a great revolution in the field of the mobile industry, or if we say in Smart Phones. Nowadays everyone stuck on mobile phones. According to some reports, most of the users are came to form mobile devices. Every user wants to access information very quickly and effectively. So for these responsive websites are good but not as mobile apps. There are huge benefits of using a mobile app instead of responsive websites only. Mobile Apps are much faster and engage in interactive communication with users. These Mobile Apps prompted many businesses and now it becomes a necessity for every business either it is a startup or established business. Mobile Applications bring great improvements to customer relationships.

    Mobile Applications boast your business very fastly. It changed the way of doing business. Mobile Apps make the process very fast for customers to getting information in a fraction of seconds at the same time remain your customers connected and up to date. Apps play a very important role in marketing for businesses to expand their reach.

    Benefits of having a mobile App for your business

    • Interactive Engagement
    • Increased SEO for your website
    • Improvement in Productivity
    • Cost reduction
    • Your Mobile Application Becomes Your Brand Ambassador
    • Unlimited Device Features and Instant Access
    • Personalized Content
    • Mobile Apps are faster
    • Geo-Targeting Marketing
    • Direct Communication
    • Builds Customer Relationship And Loyalty
    • The App Makes The Sale, Grow Your Business Faster
    • Stands Outs you from your competitors
    • Boosts Brand Recognition
    • Increase accessibility
    • Provide value for customers
    • Transforming the retail experience
    • Boost Profits
    • Connect Better with Customers
    • Offers High Scalability
    • Improves Efficiency
    • Easy to Maintain
    • Integrates With Existing Software
    • Provides Real-time Project Access
    • Ease in Project Management

    These are the some of the benefits of the having an mobile applications for growing your online business.
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    New Website

    Reasons why you need a new website

    We all know technologies are updating day by day. In the online world, many companies and websites are in competition to perform better than others. With the time certain things changes by which some old things are replaced by new things and also the technology becomes advance. But question is that, with the change in technology or advanced development in the field of website development, Do we really need to update or change our website. The simple answer is that No. Update or change your website if you really need it. If your website satisfying your customers and fulfilling there need then no need to drop an old site and have a brand-new site. But this is not the condition every time, Sometimes there is a high need to drop a website instead of wasting a time on it by trying to updating it. There are numerous reasons that are sufficient to drop an old site and have a new one.

    If your site has a poor rating, non-compatible with mobile devices, too big and bloated for good SEO, having bad data structure, Overloaded, out of dated design, no scalability, then having a brand-new site is a great idea.

    Below are some points for a website redesign from the user’s perspective and also from a Developers Perspective. All these points are based on real-world websites.

    Top Reasons, Why you need a new website

    • High Bounce Rate
    • Website Design is Too Old
    • Your Site not updated more than 3 years
    • Website Technologies not updated
    • Your website is Out of Date
    • Difficulties in updations
    • Website is not scalable
    • Website is not Responsive
    • Difficult to navigate to useful information
    • Bad Database Structure
    • Your online business is not growing
    • Site Speed is Too Slow
    • Javascript Error
    • Old HTML and CSS Styles
    • Google Rank is very low
    • Low conversion Rate
    • Your website is not Consistent

    If you can relate to any of the above points listed above, it’s time for having a brand-new site, regardless of wasting a time and resources in maintaining and updating your old site.

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    Why To Choose Shopify For Your Online Store

    If you are running your business and want to take it online to sell your different products or although you want to upgrade your online store and want to change the platform, then choosing a Shopify for your dream online store is a wise choice. There are many reasons to choose it. It is a very secure and flexible platform, easy to start with the ability to grow your business. Thousands of merchants are using Shopify for their online store and grow their business day by day. Among all the e-commerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and BigCommerce Shopify is the most preferred choice of merchants who wants a simple, secure online store with great features.

    In today’s market, Shopify is the most recommendable e-commerce platform. It provides hundreds of built-in features and tons of apps. Also, it is a scalable platform.

    One of the most important benefits of Shopify is a secure and reliable platform. Security is an essential concern for online sellers and also for online buyers because it deals with confidential personal and financial information of the customers. And also this information is online. But Shopify takes care of these things with hosted solutions that care for upgrades and maintenance.

    Shopify Benefits, Why to choose Shopify for your next online store

    • Easy Installation and Setup.
    • Secure Platform.
    • Fast Loading Speed.
    • Developers First Choice.
    • Excellent Marketing Tools
    • Numbers of Prebuild Themes
    • App Integrations
    • Oustanding Customer Support
    • SEO Friendly
    • Lots of Payment Gateways
    • Easy to use and have Easy Backend administration
    • Build in environment. Don’t about server costs and all.
    • Number of professional developers

    It’s pricing starts from $29 per month for the basic plan and goes higher to $299 for the advanced plan. You are free to upgrade, downgrade or even cancel any plan anytime.

    Mistersk Infotech is the best E-commerce website development company that provides high-quality websites to their clients. We have the best Shopify developer that has a vast knowledge about Shopify. Mistersk Infotech is a Shopify Development Company provides a valuable services to their clients at a minimal and genuine price. If you want to Develop Shopify Website then Mistersk infotech not only provides a website but providing you a high-quality website that definitely helps you to lead an online market. Discuss your project and get valuable deals at Mistersk Infotech. Contact Us Right Now
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    Responsive Website Design

    Why You Should Have Responsive Website Design

    Responsive Web Design is an approach by which the design of the website should respond according to user behavior and a requirement that means according to screen size, platform, and orientation. This can be done by using CSS media queries that consist of flexible layouts and grids. As the user will move from one device to another like from laptop to iPad the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution and image size. It scales content and elements to match the screen size.

    The main goal of the responsive design is to avoid resizing, scrolling, zooming that occurs with sites that have not responsive CSS and optimizations for different devices. These sites are very difficult to navigate and will cause a decrease in website traffic. The persons came from mobile devices that do not have a better user experience and it may even cost to you by losing potential customers who become frustrated with trying to navigate your website.

    By using a responsive website design remove the need for a dedicated mobile website for smartphone users. So Instead of designing and maintaining multiple websites, it should be better that you should have one responsive website that adjusts the content automatically to match the device it’s being viewed on.

    Website responsiveness is a great way to present the content on your site, So it assures that the essential information is got by peoples who are using mobile devices.

    A Google algorithm recent update, using a responsive website design will improve the SEO of the website. A responsive web design increases visibility on search engines because it is mobile-friendly. A site that uses a mobile-friendly design will show up in search results above.

    Responsive Design Benefits, Why to choose responsive design

    • Cost Effectiveness
    • Consistent Experience.
    • Analytics, tracking, and reporting all done in one place.
    • Decreased Development Time.
    • Flexibility
    • Improved User Experience
    • Ease Of Use
    • Improves Website SEO
    • Low Website Maintenance
    • Google Recommendations

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    Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing, Benefits Of Choosing Cloud Computing

    With the great development in computer technology, cloud computing becomes a great aspect in terms of computer science. Cloud computing, as the name implies is a platform that is used to deliver the hardware and software to users over the network. Thus By using cloud computing, you have access to various services over the internet. Basically, cloud computing is an on-demand network that accomplishes the policy pay as you use. Let us know about the general definition of cloud computing:

    Cloud computing is a platform that provides various services such as data storage and various applications and Softwares over the internet.

    The cloud computing is based on the fact the all the main computing takes place on the remote server/ machine. Cloud computing removes the barriers of limited storage. With the vast development, the storage and computing needs of every individual and organization increased. So choosing cloud computing is a very effective and reliable way.

    Cloud Computing Benefits, Why to choose cloud computing

    • High Flexibility.
    • Easy And Rapid Implementation.
    • Data Can Be Accessed Remotely, Teams can collaborate from different locations.
    • Automatic Software Updates.

    Let’s discuss some benefits in details:

    High Scalability: Cloud computing is highly scalable. Setting up a private server leads to high cost, Maintenance, and less scalability. Because in an organization there are a number of chances that you need to expand your organization. Thus increased your organization there is always a need that expanding a Server. So This leads to a high cost. But in the case of cloud computing scalability is very high.

    • Data Security
    • Data Loss Recovery
    • No Maintenance Cost
    • Less Cost

    Some Cloud Computing Providers

    Thus choosing a cloud computing instead of establishing a private server is a wise choice.
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    Perfect Home Page

    Things to Make a Perfect Home Page

    While you have an idea of preparing a website, there are lots of things that are necessary to make in considerations. From all the things, choosing good elements of the homepage is very necessary. The homepage is the first thing that your users see while landing on your website the first time. So designing and developing a homepage in such a way that your users get the information very quickly that they want to get.
    First, you should have to very clear about your idea and brand. For this, you have to consider follows.

    • What you include on a website or provide that peoples come to your website.
    • what solutions you provide to your customers.
    • how you made a client relationship, so they connected to you regularly.
    • How you engage your user’s attention.
    • Analyzing the most occurred problems and providing solutions.

    A clean and clear header represents:

    • Site Logo
    • Tag Line
    • Primary Navigation (Main Navigation that contains most important links od core destinations)
    • Secondary Navigation. (Login etc)
    • Search Box
    • Top Bar with Social icon, Short description line, Phone number, Email.

    Make navigation that is easy to follow by users. Choose Navigation labels that are more prominent and represent the service clearly.

    Core Elements of Perfect Home Page

    • Slider or Banner: Banner or slider is a very important element of the homepage. use it represents the core idea or services on which your website is based and also attach a further hyperlink on banner such as contact us or to the services page.
    • Introduction text or video
    • The main text that features your website
    • Services you provides
    • Call to action
    • Gallery, Activities, Testimonials
    • Short description of the company, Partners
    • Contact us

    Elements of a Footer

    • Contact Information
    • Important Links
    • Copyright
    • Privacy Policy, Legal Notices
    • Map

    These are the some of the things to take in considerations while preparing a Perfect Home Page.


    Why the content is important before the website design.

    I strongly recommend and believe that having content before the website design is very important. Sometimes peoples think that’s let’s design the website first, we will add content later. But this is not the right approach to follow. Let’s think from a user perspective, whenever you visit a website the reason behind is the information you want to collect, not for the design. Yes, website design is also important for the user experience. But user experience is only reached when you have some information.

    Do not add content according to website design But Design a website according to your content

    The user’s main focus on your content. If your designer knows about what exactly you want to display on your website then he/she better know what they want to do. Then their approach is to fit the content in a clean design. Thus you a better information representation and your users have a better user experience.

    All the leading websites are leading because of their content, not only for design. As we already said design is another important aspect of the information representation. But at the same time if you have the information you will able to represent. But If you don’t have any information then what will you design?

    Having a content first is also very important from the perspective of good website design accomplishment. For example, if you design a website without having a content first. So you made a layout to represent a piece of information. But while everything is done. Website is delivered and now you are adding your content then there would always be the possibility that the design is affecting. So it is better to having content is ready before the website design.

    Key Points

    • For the better user experience.
    • Every person visit your website, the first reason is information.
    • Having a content first is good for the better website development accomplishment.

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    Why choose a CMS for web development, CMS Vs HTML

    While we are going to develop our websites, we have numerous things in our minds. While we discussing our project with a web developer they suggest lots of things to you for the platform to choose for your website. you probably notice that when you post a project some developer suggests to prefer a code for your website but other prefers CMS that is Content Management System. Now, this is up to you what you choose. But the choosing the platform for your website by you is a little bit confusing for you. So let’s understand the content management and HTML in brief and then differentiate the differences between them.

    What is HTML

    HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Let us understand the HTML in simple words. HTML is used to structure the web pages. If you imagine your web page without HTML then its just like an unformatted text. HTML is the base of every website.

    What is CMS

    The Content Management system is an application that will make you able to create and manage digital content. Once the website is developed it removes the barrier of changing or adding the content from the developer. It provides a user-friendly environment by which you are easily able to make edits. You are easily able to design and organize your content.

    • If you have just a one-page website that needs no deeper modifications in the future then choosing an HTML is a good option.
    • However, if you want to create your business website that contains multiple pages then choosing a CMS is a good option. With the CMS managing, content is very easy. It is very easy to use.
    • If you are creating a big idea of the website then using an HTML is a good option. HTML has greater flexibility to customize your site and increase the scalability of the website.
    • If you want to create a blog then CMS is a good option

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