Web Hosting

Web Hosting | Why we need a good web hosting

Growing your online business is every dream. Having a successful profitable website is a desire for many peoples. Some can achieve their goals but unfortunately, some are not. Several factors decide your online growth. Whether you are earning enough from your website or just started a new website or also have an idea of a new website some factors help to stand out from a crowd. Today we are trying to explain why we need a good hosting for a successful and profitable online business.

If you have good hosting services, Then the chances of improving rank on google are increased. And you will have a more secure website and reliable platform with great scalability options.

Whenever we are talking about a successful website, we can’t skip out having a good web hosting. These are some of the reasons below that why we need a good web hosting.

Increase your website speed.

As we have mentioned many times that having a good website speed helps to increases your website rank surely. As my personal experience website that seems hard to rank good after all the SEO optimizations, rank very well by just improving the website speed. Google does not recommend that its users wait for much time. So having a less load time, chances are great to rank high. Even a few milliseconds matter a lot for google.
It is not a good idea to allow your website to be slow. For a successful website user experience have a great role. But with the slow website, you are not offering a better user experience to your users. This is important because of slow websites make users attention off. They are likely to spend less time on your website. Thus the bounce rate of the website will increase. And you know that if the website has a high bounce rate then the ranking will be decreased.
So by having good hosting, The website speed will improve and the chances of raking high on google are more.

No or likely less Downtime.

Having a poor web host, there are greater chances that your website being unavailable some times. So your users will get interrupted. There are possibilities that your website will make unavailable some times. If your site goes down then you will lose customers, Hence by losing customers, you will lose your customers.

Better Security

By having good web hosting you will achieve better security. Website security matters a lot. So choose web hosting that provides you a better Security.

Website Support

Website support is necessary for every website owner. At some point support is necessary. so choosing a web hosting with great support is a wise choice.

Frequent Website Backups

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Boost Website Traffic

Boost Website Traffic | How to stand out your website from a crowd

If you are planning to have a website or already running a website. Then this post will definitely help you. Getting traffic on a website is very important for everyone. There is a huge competition among the websites. Standing Out from all the competitors is very necessary for getting success in the online world. Along with the SEO, there are the other numbers of things that need to consider if you want to rank your website on google first page. This is not limited to ranking your website on the first page but also to get more user’s attention and thus users will love your website and trust your brand more.

A user-friendly environment is very necessary in order to target more audience. If you are doing a lot of things to make your website looks good and all other things but if the users are not getting the queries or points that you want to show then all the things you did are useless. While making a website always thinks like from a user perspective, it means that if you are a user then what you want to get from a website. Building a user relationship and trust is very necessary and this can be only done by fulfilling the query that they want to get. If a user can trust your website then there is great hope that they are to build long term relationships with your website.

If you want to make your website brand then along with the search engine optimization there are lots of other things that need to be taken into consideration. Users retention on the website is very important, for this you have to make your website in a way that people can trust your website and they are getting the right information for which they are searched or wants to get information.

There are some important facts and things that need to be kept to boost website traffic and stand out from a crowd.

  • Make use of video content. Video content will definitely help to differentiate your website from your competitors. Include a video on a web page that briefly provides an introduction about your website brand, team and what services you are providing. This helps users to know easily about the things that you are providing and also helps to know about your team and organization.
  • Try to resolve your customer’s queries and needs. The best way is to publish blogs and articles that are relevant to the needs and interests of your customers.
  • Try to keep your website updated and fresh. Updated in the sense try to add content on the website that is in demand and helps to fulfill the client’s needs.
  • Have a clean and classy design especially focuses on the navigation. Do not trouble users with lots of useless animations and graphics. Your website is made in such a way that it will be easy to navigate. If your website is hard to navigate then it may increase your website bounce rate.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors
  • Track and analyze your website reports weekly or daily basis.

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International SEO

What is an international SEO? Tips for international SEO

International SEO is a process of optimizing your web pages so that web pages can be easily identified by search engines to display the website in the countries that you want to target. In simple words, International SEO is the same as the basic SEO But the difference is that in international SEO web pages are optimized for the other countries or multiple countries and multiple languages at the same time.

Why you need to do International SEO

If you running a website, then everyone wants to expand their online business. Instead of your own country, everyone wants to target other countries as well. If you came to know that users are coming from other countries then International SEO plays a very important role to rank your website very higher. Instead of optimizing the website to attract the audience from state or city or even one country, It is better to geotarget the audience. So making an internationalized site is a wise choice to attract traffic from worldwide.

Would you like to get an international audience and wants to expand your online business? So international SEO helps to offer a cost-effective and scalable process to grow your business in the country that you want to target.

Before doing the international SEO, You should have to clear and get ready about these three points.

  • Country Targeting: You should have to specify your targetted countries with an international friendly URL.
  • Language Targeting: Specify the languages that your web pages are targeting. Make use of language tags
  • Create your Web Pages content in the target languages.

Best practices to follow for an international SEO

  • Keyword Research: is very necessary. When you are clear with your target countries then it’s time to decide the keywords. Choose keywords according to the targeted countries. What peoples are searching for most? Try to find keywords that are popular with the audience in your target country, and craft a content strategy based on that.
  • Domains: If you want to target a particular country then using a country-specific domain is a good idea, These can rank higher than the global domain. For the multiple languages choosing subdomains and subdirectories is a good idea. In Practice Sub Domains/Sub Directories helps the most to rank higher in a specific country.
  • Content: As like the keywords, content is also a very important factor. Do not use duplicate content ever. Google strictly does not recommend this and thus your website rank does not well. Your content is must your and it should be able to target the audience.
  • Content Level Targetting, If you targetting multiple counties then stuff a countries name in your posts and as a keyword.
  • Google Console: Proper utilize the google console. In the International targeting set that you want to target the most.
  • Hosting: Use a hosting of a country that you are targetting. If you are targetting multiple countries then using a CDN is a wise choice.
  • Backlinks: Backlinks are the old technique in SEO but stills play a very important role. Make backlinks on a country based websites. If you are targetting multiple countries then create backlinks for all those countries. For example, use USA websites for backlinks if you are targetting the USA Audience.
  • For country-based traffic, you should submit your website to local search engines and local web directories.
  • Track Keyword Progress In Country-Specific Searches
  • If the website is in multiple languages according to the countries then must include a hreflang

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WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins | What is and when to use

The clients that are not aware of WordPress always ask a question what is WordPress Plugins and what are the uses of it. Plugins are an important part of WordPress and are essential for building WordPress websites. So we will explain what are the WordPress plugins and when to use it. There are a number of plugins in the WordPress market some of them are paid and some are premium.

WordPress Plugins are a type of apps that just needs to install and allows you to add new features and functionality to your website. WordPress Plugins are prebuilt software that runs on your server and works with WordPress so that you can expand your site features. Like we use a woo-commerce plugin to make our website online store. You can easily install plugins by going to WordPress dashboard and then got to plugins next select add new and then search your plugin. Once you found the plugin click on install and then activate. Now after activating the plugin, you are able to use it.

A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website and allows you to expand the features of the websites.

Benefits of using WordPress Plugins:

  • For any kind of requirement, there is a Plugin
  • Meet your changing requirements
  • Free and low-cost options available
  • Plugin Information and Demos are openly available
  • Easy to add to your WordPress website

Disadvantages of using WordPress Plugins:

  • Degrade Website Performance
  • Security problems
  • Website Crash

How to Overcome Disadvantage?

  • Use the plugins that only need
  • Uninstall the plugin that has no use.
  • Remove the inactive plugins.
  • Keeps the plugin updated.

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How to optimize your WordPress website

If you are using WordPress, then there is a need to optimize your website from time to time. As you know Google updates it’s searching algorithms. By which Google recommends to display the websites at the top that has great speed. But if you are running a WordPress website then there is a need to optimize your website on a time basis. If you have a WordPress website then you will notice that it is a little bit slow or we can say that it’s too slow to load. So the optimization of the WordPress website is very necessary.

There is a number of things that need to be optimized. The WordPress websites include a number of files on a web page that needs to be parsed by the web browsers. So it is required that the development of the WordPress website should be done in an optimized way. Also if the development phase of WordPress is done but the optimization is necessary from time to time.

If your WordPress website performance is too slow, then there are some of the following things that need to be considered in the mind.

Choose the right or replace the bad old theme with the right one:

Choosing the right theme is very necessary. Sometimes as a user we choose the theme that only looks good. But from a developer’s point of view choose a theme that has good performance and also looks fine. First of all, you have to clear very much about your requirements. Choosing the theme that fulfills your requirements is a wise choice.

Avoid using a number of plugins, Be Selective with your plugins:

Do not overload the backend and database by adding a number of plugins to the website. Using a number of plugin or plugins that are not effective is very harmful to our website. As we said in the previous point that chooses a theme that fulfills requirements. If the requirements ate fulfilled using a theme then what will be the need to install other plugins. If sometimes there is a need to install some plugin then use a reliable and efficient theme.

Optimize database time to time:

Data cleanup is a very necessary time to time. Clean your database at regular intervals. Clearing extra comments, post revisions, drafts, and extra tables.

Useful content:

Use content that is necessary for your web page.

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How to choose a right web developer for your website

While you are done with the idea of developing your dream website. Then choosing the right developer for your website is a very important thing. A developer is a person who is responsible to make your website above the expectations or even below the expectations. A developer is the backbone of any website. A developer can make a strong base to your website. A good start of the project will lead to a good ending. For the smooth running of the project, it is required that the website will be made perfectly which runs efficiently from any perspective. This can be only done if you have to choose a good developer for your website.

Sometimes it is frustrating to find a real and right developer for your website. Nowadays there are a number of IT companies and freelancers that can offer you to develop your website. Now you have to find a good list for your website and then choose one of them that best fits your new website development.

Find a developer that fits for your needs. Every developer has different skills. Choose a developer that has enough skills to develop your website. Do not hesitate to pay the developer more if it actually deserves. Sometimes we prefer a low budget developer that said that they can make your website at a very low cost. But this goes not in the right direction every time. Even if they complete a task but is it meets the standard. So always ensure that if the developer agrees to the low cost then what will be the reason and always ensure that they will not compromise with the quality of your website. But Sometimes this is not the case always, some developers are experienced and have great skills but started their business individually newly. So they also agreed to work in a low budget in order to get online ratings and developing a regular client. So you have to guess from conversations and find that or even test the things the developer said to you are right.

Choose a Developer that looks real and test the things that he/she said to you. Choose the developer with a skill that fits perfect for your website.

Some tips while choosing the right developer for your website.

  • Determine what type of your website you need
  • Determine the technologies you want to use
  • Determine whether you need an individual developer or team.
  • Determine the scope of your job
  • Determine your budget

Now find and choose a developer that fulfills the above questions and needs.
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AMP | What is Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google updates time to time to provide its users with a better experience and reliable platforms so that they will able to get the best and the desired results very frequently. Recently google focuses on mobile-friendliness and ranks the sites higher that have more speed on mobile devices. So every person who owns a website is looking forward to a faster mobile experience.

So it’s very necessary to optimize your website for mobile. It is also noticed that the number of users that leads traffic to your site is from mobile devices more rather than desktop users. So it is highly recommendable to boost your website for mobile pages. But sometimes it becomes very frustrating to get a high speed even if you tried every possible thing to your website, even also that can discourage your users to get and read the content of their choice on your website.

So what is the answer to it? Google also provides a very flexible solution to it that can help you in any way to boasts your website speed for mobile devices. A simple answer to this is Accelerated Mobile Pages or even we can say AMP.

According to some reports, 40% of the users leave web pages that take more than 3 seconds to load. Here AMP helps you by taking a page that is already mobile-friendly and makes it load faster.

What is AMP?

Basically, AMP is a Google and Twitter initiative. Its a collaboration between these two to make an AMP that is open source project or platforms helps website owners to improve the speed and content readability of their websites. AMP is like take a mobile-friendly web page and make it in a way to load faster.

  • You can only use a streamlined version of CSS
  • You can only use javascript that is provided by AMP
  • No forms are allowed on AMP Pages
  • If you want to have videos on your page then use AMP approved extensions

Some of the benefits of using AMP

  • Reduced Bounce Rate
  • Fast Loading web pages
  • Increased mobile browser visibility
  • Improved mobile search engine rankings
  • It makes user tracking very simple

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Image Alt Tags

Image Alt Tags, Why These Considered So Important For SEO

Alt Tags sometimes called Alt Text and Alt Description is a text that appears on the webpage in place of an image when the image failed to load. This is not only the purpose of Image Alt Tags, but it also helps very much for Search Engine Optimization. Alt text helps search engines to crawl your website better and thus improves your website rank.

Whether you perform SEO or not, adding alt tags is very important. It helps to create a better user experience for user visitors. But if you add your alt tag in an efficient and SEO optimized way then I’m sure it boasts your website rank very rapidly.

What ALT Text Uses:

  • The first and foremost thing is to add an alt tag to images. So that visually impaired users will read an alt attribute to better understand an on-page image.
  • If the image failed to load on a web page then the alt tag will be shown in place of it.
  • Alt tag improves image context to search engine crawlers so that to index an image properly.

Example of an Alt Tag:

<img src="assets/images/dish.png" alt="Burger and French Fries" />

Alt tags help to improves your On-Page SEO. It is very important for your website because it helps the search engine to understand the relevant content of your website and thus provides the relevant information to the user query.

Importance of using a ALt Text

  • It helps to increase in search traffic to your website
  • It Increases the number of usersto your website
  • Information and images accessible to the visually impaired
  • Using Alt tag improves Image SEO

How to write a ALt Text

  • Describe the images properly
  • It should be Short and Simple
  • Use the keywords, but do not overstuff, Include the only target and intended keywords. Stuff the keywords only that are related to the image. Or Avoid keyword stuffing on each and every image without it is related to an image. This should have a bad impact.
  • Using Alt tag improves Image SEO

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On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO | Why on-page SEO is important | Understanding Basics

Websites Search Engine ranking matters a lot. So optimizing a website in such a way that leads to improving your website organic traffic and thus improve your website Search Engine Ranking. Search Engine Optimization considered a fundamental aspect of internet marketing. Any Search Engine wants to show the best results to users. And Search engines use On-Page to determine that if it contains relevant information or not. So making your website search engine friendly is done by doing On-Page SEO of your website by optimizing the internal elements of the web pages. If On-Page is done effectively according to the rules then it helps search engines to understand your website better so the relevant content is given to users who want to seek information using a set of keywords.

On-Page SEO helps or even we can say tells Google or any other search engines that whether your website contains a piece of relevant information that users want to get by entering a set of keywords. Without On-Page SEO, your website is placed in some dark and unknown corner of the online world.

On-Page SEO is very important for your website because it helps the search engine to understand the relevant content of your website and thus provides the relevant information to the user query. Search Engines Nowadays focus on providing relevant information and in search results. So Search Engines become more sophisticated.

Google – or other prominent search engines use plenty of complex algorithms so much better at delivering search results that meet user intent.

How to improve On-Page:

  • Choose the Right Set of Keywords
  • Choose Good Domain Names
  • Optimize Title Tags, A proper Heading Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Relevant Content
  • Performance of the website Needs to be good
  • Fast load time
  • The website needs to have a better user experience
  • Use descriptive names for image files
  • Alt Text that better defines the topic or contains keywords

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