Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, Benefits Of Choosing Cloud Computing

With the great development in computer technology, cloud computing becomes a great aspect in terms of computer science. Cloud computing, as the name implies is a platform that is used to deliver the hardware and software to users over the network. Thus By using cloud computing, you have access to various services over the internet. Basically, cloud computing is an on-demand network that accomplishes the policy pay as you use. Let us know about the general definition of cloud computing:

Cloud computing is a platform that provides various services such as data storage and various applications and Softwares over the internet.

The cloud computing is based on the fact the all the main computing takes place on the remote server/ machine. Cloud computing removes the barriers of limited storage. With the vast development, the storage and computing needs of every individual and organization increased. So choosing cloud computing is a very effective and reliable way.

Cloud Computing Benefits, Why to choose cloud computing

  • High Flexibility.
  • Easy And Rapid Implementation.
  • Data Can Be Accessed Remotely, Teams can collaborate from different locations.
  • Automatic Software Updates.

Let’s discuss some benefits in details:

High Scalability: Cloud computing is highly scalable. Setting up a private server leads to high cost, Maintenance, and less scalability. Because in an organization there are a number of chances that you need to expand your organization. Thus increased your organization there is always a need that expanding a Server. So This leads to a high cost. But in the case of cloud computing scalability is very high.

  • Data Security
  • Data Loss Recovery
  • No Maintenance Cost
  • Less Cost

Some Cloud Computing Providers

Thus choosing a cloud computing instead of establishing a private server is a wise choice.
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Perfect Home Page

Things to Make a Perfect Home Page

While you have an idea of preparing a website, there are lots of things that are necessary to make in considerations. From all the things, choosing good elements of the homepage is very necessary. The homepage is the first thing that your users see while landing on your website the first time. So designing and developing a homepage in such a way that your users get the information very quickly that they want to get.
First, you should have to very clear about your idea and brand. For this, you have to consider follows.

  • What you include on a website or provide that peoples come to your website.
  • what solutions you provide to your customers.
  • how you made a client relationship, so they connected to you regularly.
  • How you engage your user’s attention.
  • Analyzing the most occurred problems and providing solutions.

A clean and clear header represents:

  • Site Logo
  • Tag Line
  • Primary Navigation (Main Navigation that contains most important links od core destinations)
  • Secondary Navigation. (Login etc)
  • Search Box
  • Top Bar with Social icon, Short description line, Phone number, Email.

Make navigation that is easy to follow by users. Choose Navigation labels that are more prominent and represent the service clearly.

Core Elements of Perfect Home Page

  • Slider or Banner: Banner or slider is a very important element of the homepage. use it represents the core idea or services on which your website is based and also attach a further hyperlink on banner such as contact us or to the services page.
  • Introduction text or video
  • The main text that features your website
  • Services you provides
  • Call to action
  • Gallery, Activities, Testimonials
  • Short description of the company, Partners
  • Contact us

Elements of a Footer

  • Contact Information
  • Important Links
  • Copyright
  • Privacy Policy, Legal Notices
  • Map

These are the some of the things to take in considerations while preparing a Perfect Home Page.


Why the content is important before the website design.

I strongly recommend and believe that having content before the website design is very important. Sometimes peoples think that’s let’s design the website first, we will add content later. But this is not the right approach to follow. Let’s think from a user perspective, whenever you visit a website the reason behind is the information you want to collect, not for the design. Yes, website design is also important for the user experience. But user experience is only reached when you have some information.

Do not add content according to website design But Design a website according to your content

The user’s main focus on your content. If your designer knows about what exactly you want to display on your website then he/she better know what they want to do. Then their approach is to fit the content in a clean design. Thus you a better information representation and your users have a better user experience.

All the leading websites are leading because of their content, not only for design. As we already said design is another important aspect of the information representation. But at the same time if you have the information you will able to represent. But If you don’t have any information then what will you design?

Having a content first is also very important from the perspective of good website design accomplishment. For example, if you design a website without having a content first. So you made a layout to represent a piece of information. But while everything is done. Website is delivered and now you are adding your content then there would always be the possibility that the design is affecting. So it is better to having content is ready before the website design.

Key Points

  • For the better user experience.
  • Every person visit your website, the first reason is information.
  • Having a content first is good for the better website development accomplishment.

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